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5 Days of Carnival Milwaukee
February 22-26, 2021 | Virtual

While we will not be able to gather in person for our 2021 ‘party with a purpose’, this year’s Carnival Milwaukee fundraiser will be a week-long virtual celebration that will focus on giving back to the small businesses and local establishments that have supported UEDA and this event over the years. 5 Days of Carnival Milwaukee will run from February 22 through February 26, and each day will highlight an aspect of our annual, in-person event via email and social media (make sure to follow us on facebook here and sign-up to receive our e-communications here).

Check out our daily line-up below and view our week-long Dining Deals here!

In lieu of purchasing an event ticket this year, we are inviting you to make a $50 donation to UEDA. In return you will receive a $25 gift card to a locally-owned restaurant who has donated to UEDA in the past! You are also invited to join us at our Live Virtual Party on Friday, February 26 from 6PM-7PM for an opportunity to win amazing prize packages!

Any donation amount is accepted! Those who donate $50 will receive a gift card. $25 of your donation is tax-deductible.

5 Days of Carnival Milwaukee Line-Up

We are excited to offer you CARNIVAL MILWAUKEE DINING DEALS where longtime Carnival Milwaukee food tasting participants will be offering discounts and special incentives to you throughout the week. Check out Dining Deals here! Restaurant Partners: Antigua Latin Inspired Restaurant, Immy’s African Cuisine, Orenda Cafe, and Sam’s Place Jazz Cafe.



UEDA’s Carnival Milwaukee Bridge Builder Award recognizes a community member or partner for their efforts to honor diversity and connect people and places through the expression of culture in food, art, music and space. We are pleased to honor Diverse Dining as our 2021 Carnival Milwaukee Bridge Builder. More about Diverse Dining.


Each year our in-person event has featured lively dance performances by Panadanza and Salsabrosa Dance Company. This year, Panadanza Dance Company owner, Karlies Kelley Vedula, has developed a special virtual dance performance for you and included a mini-lesson!



Each year, De La Buena provide guests of our event with live, Afro-Cuban music. This year we will be sharing a performance from De La Buena, links to playlists that feature Carnival and Mardi Gras music, and a special performance by Samba da Vida!



To close out our first virtual Carnival Milwaukee week, we invite you to join us for a brief event where we recognize our Bridge Builder Award recipient, enjoy music and dance performances, and give away prize packages! We also invite you to make a Caipirinha – the signature drink of Rio’s Carnival celebration!

This event is free and will take place on zoom.
Registration is required to be entered into our prize drawing.



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